This page is for testing SAY ad provider for mobile. This site should be viewed in mobile devices or with user agent set to one of the mobile devices (remeber for iPad we serve oasis skin). Unfortunatelly SAY is not respecting ?useskin=wikiamobile query string.

Ad - screenshotEdit


Previously (on external test) ad was targeted on mobile_top_leaderboard slot, currently this slot is only available as a part of an AB test. AB test is disabled on production an running only on dev environment. Currently this ad is targeted to:

  • mobile_top_leaderboard on page: [1]
  • mobile_floating_footer on page: [2]
  • page without SAY targeting: [3]


Below is screenshot of how ad should look like. If different ad is present in top leaderboard it means something is worng.


You can find line item in DART: dfp link

Found issuses Edit

  • Ad is never present. A lot of scripts are loaded, even one iframe but it is empty.
  • If ad is targeted to leaderboard it expands slot and another ad jumps to footer. Normally it doesn't happen. (compare two screenshots below) side note - there is one ad also is jumping to footer (not say) but it doesn't leave top_leaderboard expanded

  • Load time between is different for SAY/No SAY pages. For comparance I used SAY No-SAY. Both pages contains the same content and both have ad in leaderboard. Below is the table withe the results after loading each page 5 times.

Side note when analyzing the results please remeber that those tests were run on dev box and as the measurement I used numbers from Firebug network profiling. They are not 100% accurate but no-SAY page was always faster. It may be the fault of the additional ad loaded in footer.

Run number SAY no-SAY
1 24.19s (onload: 18.09s) 16.13s (onload: 4.96s)
2 8.75s (onload: 3.61s) 5.21s (onload: 4.49s)
3 11.72s (onload: 6.16s) 8.19s (onload: 7.29s)
4 13.17s (onload: 7.98s) 11.65s (onload: 3.3s)
5 8.42s (onload: 3.56s) 13.88s (onload: 4.44s)
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