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Sample Ad Layouts
Athena Samples

forceProviderid = 1|2|3|4|5
1 = DART
2 = OpenX
3 = Google
4 = GAM
5 = Pubmatic
6 = Athena



What's new on Wikia Ad Testing

ProviderValues.list =[{"name":"age","value":"adult"},{"name":"age","value":"yadult"},{"name":"egnre","value":"comedy"},{"name":"egnre","value":"comic"},{"name":"egnre","value":"family"},{"name":"media","value":"movie"},{"name":"media","value":"tv"}];
ProviderValues.string = "age=adult;age=yadult;egnre=comedy;egnre=comic;egnre=family;media=movie;media=tv;";

<script src=""></script>

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